Unusual Battery Drain On AndroidOS



I’ve been using brave for a long time now & I really appreciate the fact that it’s open source & privacy friendly (which is why I love it).
However recently, on one of my Samsung Tabs, I noticed a massive battery drain from about 3 weeks. At first I wasn’t sure why that was, so I performed several malware scans using Kaspersky, BitDefender, Sophos & Avira. The device turned out to be clean. So a malware wasn’t an issue.

Perhaps later when I noticed that whenever I stopped using brave & force closed it, the battery drainage issues vanished. I saw the most battery consuming apps and found that brave was the culprit.

I even tried clearing all data + cache + uninstalling & reinstalling individually but nothing helped. Same heavy drainage.

I removed brave for 2 days & the battery usage was fine again. I doubt that barely 20 minutes of YouTube in 1 or 2 incognito tabs should drain nearly 32% of the Tabs battery. That’s insane (Screenshot attached)

Since the brave mentions that it blocks ads & trackers by default and hence is lighter on systems, I don’t find it that to be true as of last couple of weeks. Brave used to be amazing before that time period.

Expecting further help for the brave team.
Thank You For Attention.


Hello again, @BOB-vagene! Excellent description as usual!
This seems to be a known issue with Brave on Android. Here are a couple relevant open GH issues regarding this behavior:

The team is aware that this effects some Android devices and is working to address the issue.

Bonus support: I noticed a while ago you had created this topic, asking about Brave fonts/styles and never got a response. Apologies for that! You can find our (current) Brave brand assets, including fonts, colors/color codes, logo graphics, button styles, etc, right here: https://brave.com/brave-branding-assets/

Hope this helps!


Great to hear that! I’ll temporarily shift to Firefox for my tab & keep an eye on GitHub. :smile:

Appreciate The Attention !