Until yesterday my balance was good. What happened to my balance?

Until yesterday, my balance in Brave Publisher of the downloads that my link generated was correct. but today like every day I went to look at how many more had confirmed and therefore how many more BATs I had earned, but I was surprised that my balance for him July 8 now the BATs that I had won until yesterday do not come out if not now balance not available. I want to know what happened to my BAT balance? Until yesterday, I have screenshots that I made every day of the BATs that were adding up the number of confirmed users who had downloaded the browser with my link and had been successfully confirmed. I want to know what happened to my balance, I have day-to-day screenshots of how my balance was going up thanks to the confirmations that were met, I have screenshots of the browsers downloaded, installed and confirmed until yesterday for several months that I have been capturing that information in case Some problem like him that happened today happened and I had to check if any problem happened like him that is happening to me. So I want to know what happened to my balance because it is not available and because now it does not even load the page of bravepublisher thank you very much I wait for answers gentlemen administrators !!!

These photos are from the month of June I have a follow-up from the month of May in case you want more photos

What happened to my balance ???

here I have photos of my balance of what was being confirmed this June, I put them here as an answer because since I am new it only gives me to upload 4 photos, this is the month of June but I do this from May if you want more photos. What happened to my balance gentlemen administrators ???

Ready solved, it was very fast excellent Brave support soporte