Unsupported Region Reason?

Don’t know who is unsupported Gemini or brave browser in our Country { INDIA } because I use Gemini and brave both seamlessly. But they are showing Gemini is unsupported in your country

How have the same issue write your problem with country tag to see that you have the same problem like me or not

Share your valuable thoughts with me


Gemini Is supported in the USA via CoinBase app and likely other platform for crypto purchase. Hope that helps.

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The issue is actually from Gemini and Brave side collectively. The issue is not with having an account on an exchange but the actual issue comes when Brave wants to send BATs there. There are all types of government rules & regulations, financial regulations which need to be followed when doing so. Also I am from India, I can really understand your frustration. We can’t keep blaming Gemini and Brave for this. It’s also our government making it hard for crypto exchanges to operate smoothly in India. A while back, Binance CEO announced that India isn’t a Viable business for crypto exchanges.

Brave is working with a new Custodian to bring India back as soon as possible. No timeline and other details known yet, but they are sincerely working on it. Fingers crossed!

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