Unsupported country for Brave Creators after a year of it being OK

I understand there’s all sorts of legislative hurdles to jump through to get this stuff working, but the constantly shifting sands with the BAT ecosystem and rugpulling and rule changing is making what could be a fun way to earn a few interesting cryptocurrency tokens from a hobby website or browsing the web a real drag.

I attached 2 small web sites we to the verified creators setup, validated with ID and jumped thru all the hoops and got a gemini account, and started to get that small trickle of BAT coming - great! its been fun for a year.


and I couldn’t be bothered verifying with some other sketchy exchange who do who knows what with my private data (I already get cryptocurrency scam emails on an address I only used with gemini and brave), when the rules could just get changed again and again once I do this.

so long and thanks for all the fish…

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