Unstable Following Install


Just installed Brave on my iMac 27 (late 2009 - High Sierra, 16 gigs memory. Upon start, it lasts about 1 minutes, then evaporates. And, does not seem to have imported my favorite bookmarks from Chrome.


Hi @TerrySmythe

Do you get any error messages?



No error messages. However, 24 hours later, the instability of yesterday, seem to have lessened. However, the other half of my question about my favorites from Chrome do not appear to have come through. Can’t find them. Have I got finger trouble?


hm, I am importing bookmarks from Chrome without issue. What version of Chrome are you trying to import from? Does your Chrome have multiple user accts?

Also, does it work if you export your chrome bookmarks to an HTML file and then import the HTML file into Brave?


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