Unresponsive Message & Freeze

I am getting a lot of crashes with an ‘unresponsive’ message. There’s not obvious pattern. It happens on different websites, sometimes just clicking a link or image or a log in. If freezes up and can’t do anything. I have to close the browser and/or reboot to work again. This is happening every day.

My wifi is fast. The laptop is fine. When I use Safari or Chrome, I have no issues. I’m finding the many updates could be causing this, but it’s becoming unusable. What’s the issue?

Can you please go to brave://crashes and share any crash report IDs with me here so we can take a closer look?

Thank you

Ok I will do that next time this happens.

Just happened again on another computer. It’s not showing any crash reports. But it is turned on. Double checked after closing the browser.

Seems to be mostly when I try to login certain sites, like LinkedIn, or when I want to click on a link. Here’s the latest - note the ‘continue’ box is grey. I can’t type anything. So I have to close and relaunch Brave. No issues with my other browsers, so I know it’s not the sites.

Can you please try the same action while using a Private browsing window and tell me if your can reproduce the issue?