Unpaid referrals

Dear Brave publishers support,

First, I apologize for my imperfect English. Within this thread, I want to ask if I will receive payment for verified referrals that have been using Brave browser for 30 days? As far as I know, I have collected around 1160 BAT until December 2019. I cannot provide the screenshot of my dashboard here because my Brave Creator account is under review since January 8, 2020. I have also asked it in this thread.

Also, I have thousands of new Brave referral downloads from my promoting Brave browser. I only collected BAT by referring to new Indonesian users. There was no other way I have done than that way. Please explain my problem. I am very worried about this because I read many other publishers here who complain because their accounts are also under review until monthly without definite clarity. Please appreciate my hard work and I hope the support team clear my case as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi @januar - we don’t handle suspensions on Community, but can you PM me the email linked to your account? Thanks.