Unpaid Earnings Statement


Please check photo (attachment)
Why couldn’t I get all those Rewards, Direct User Tips , Deposits etc. ?
I cound’t get any answer which I sent email and submit request
Almost 1900 BAT
Will I get all earnings in 8 June?

There’s an issue which is causing statement showing a wrong information. And it’s fixed. See Brave Reward Statement History

You mean, I never get my tips in my Uphold account. 1900+ bats vanished ? Or was it “fake” because of your “minor” statement bug ?

Yes. As mentioned on my previous reply :point_up: and mentioned in the thread linked above.

This one @prym :point_up:
My previous reply was not clear enough. :sweat_smile:

My statements are gone And when i update still gone stement ???

As @eljuno stated earlier, the misreporting was caused by a bug with the Publisher Dashboard. Apologies for the confusion. The issue has been resolved.