Unpaid balances

Hello. Good day.
This is to inquire regarding my bat rewards. I used 2 desktop with brave browsers and all linked to one account. I received the brave rewards with my 1 desktop while the other do not pay me. But it is still reflecting on my browser. Why is that so?

Please wait as per Brave they are still processing for the unpaid and paid BAT.

Okay. I am looking at the brave settings that there is a schedule date to when the payout will be received. So are you saying that sometimes it is not being followed? thanks for any response sir.

Yup, all we could do is to wait atm.

Ah okay. I’ll wait. I’m good in waiting anyway :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much sir.

You’re welcome, happy browsing :grinning:

Sir “atm” stands for?

It stands for “at the moment”.

Okay thanks sir. Bye

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