Unlock Ads to Finland & Scandinavia Region

Howdies o/ Not sure if this comes to right cathegory & if not then surely relocating can be done without removal :slight_smile: I did browse all through & thought this would be right place to write about this.

Hoping that Brave Browser gonna have ads working on Finland Region (Also to all Scandinavia countries) before end of this year. I use Brave Browser with Win 7 X64 Desktop Pc (Soon Win 10 with sad face), Samsung 3GB Tablet & Huawei Honor 10 Phone.

Good to have Bookmarks Sync working so well w all devices. Thanks for that Devs o/ Should write feature request about creating new Bookmarks Folder to be easier, but maybe later. Now that have imported Bookmarks & they work like should so all great :slight_smile:

Finland is well developed country so surely lack of tech structure etc. not slowing that :slight_smile: Sharing good word about the Browser around Wicked Wide Web. Good Wednesday & week continuation to every Brave Developer & Moderator o/

Kindly: Fresh Brave Browser Fan who likes it’s design, speed & features seen so far.

Hi @Fedaygin,

No exact date for when support for a_specific_ country will be added. But the team is working to make it possible asap.

Thanks for your patience.

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Thanks for the reply & important info :slight_smile:
Saw this news article earlier today when googled this subject. https://medium.com/@mamaecrypto/brave-ads-enabled-in-brazil-and-in-another-21-countries-learn-more-about-earning-bat-tokens-d2df2143ddc3 Once again shame to know that Sweden that is my current country’s neighbor (Dream of moving to Canada) gets good things before comes here :frowning: Also some bigger, but also more poor countries have them earlier duh :confused:

Finland is well developed, but there’s a downside with it & that’s high taxes & lil bit more strict laws with many things that arrive to many other well developed countries w no problems. Of course high taxing isn’t that bad when infrastructure etc. is well built. Hope that new P.Minister gonna drive same plan forward as prev. one was going to… That is to have reduced taxing / prices for Dairy Free, Vegan Food & Gluten Free Food.

Sweden is also at least 10 years ahead on those things just like Canada is. Hope Brave’s 110% release (w all of it’s planned features) will see light of day sooner than later also in Finland. Good Thorsday & rest of the week o/ Thor the Mighty, Thor the Brave

Kindly: Fresh Brave Browser Fan who likes it’s design, speed & features seen so far.

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