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Hello, I made a request to delete a device that is linked to my uphold account on 02/10, I did not receive a positive or negative response, do you know the processing times for these requests ?


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same issue for me. no information.

@Stage , @SepuLeVrai ,

@steeven – those two need your help/response re:

Hi !

i do this since one or two weeks, but no information to the linking process. And, some endpoint as died (personal computer) of changed (cellphone) and i can’t recover id. I have some BAT wich i can’t transfer to my uphold wallet.

this is really sad.

I also submitted request for the same, no reply.


I have linked 4 Brave browsers (cellphones, tablets, laptops) with one verified Uphold account. Sometime during summer I disconnected/unlinked everything however now I am trying to relink the same devices and there is all the time an error message poping up.
What should I do?

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Hello the request was submitted 9 days ago, I want to know if I have filled out the form correctly because I have no positive or negative response to the request.



My request has been processed

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