Unknown transaction

My Uphold account was discounted by 6.25 BAT with a transaction.

I didn’t make this transaction. Brave Rewards is in the configuration I’ve had for months, I don’t know why it was done. Also, I don’t have any transaction logs in my browser.

I contacted Uphold support and they told me that it could be a tip made in the Brave browser and that I should contact support@brave.com which is not active, how can I fix it?

That happened to me too… good luck if have someone could help you… my recommendation is that you create another card on uphold… then… at the moment you receive the payment move the BAT to another card not connected with any Brave account… something wears is going on with the accounting bat… I have being losing algo and being removed from my final number.
Let.me know any update… good luck

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I encountered also a transaction (20BAT) from my account to @BravePublishers.
It is exactly as described here Unfamiliar Transaction on Uphold but this issue was closed without any reply.
Uphold support told me that this is connected with brave and not with Uphold.
My approach for the future will be to transfer the BAT coins to another account.
I am upset about the transaction even if I turned of every setting regarding tips or publishers.

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