Unknown symbol in browser tab

Can anyone tell me what the blue rectangle “tv” looking thing is, that occasionally shows up in my browser tabs? Thanks18%20AM

Hi @RastusM,

Thanks for writing in!

A few follow up questions:

Does it show up on various url tabs? Is is a part of a particular sites favicon?
Do you have any extensions installed? If so, which ones?
What OS and Brave version are you running?

Hi…thanks for reply. Version 0.68.132 “up to date”. It’s a very strange thing, this blue box. Once I saw it and hit my vpn and it made it go away immediately. It was showing on spreaker, now it’s not. I’ve seen it on other tabs for other random sites… once in a while. ONCE… I got a little google(?) pop-up that said “your data is being shared” !!! Scary. Honestly I wasn’t using any extensions now I have a ton of them to see if I can make this stop. Very strange makes me angry actually. Oh, private wifi house connection with good wp2 password.

What site is that in your image that has the blue “tv” icon on it?
Additionally, do you have a site or set of steps that you can confirm will produce this blue icon in the tab?

@RastusM, one more question – was a “volume boost” extension being used when this icon appeared in the tab?

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Mattches… who are you? You’re a genius :smiley: No really you’re right, it was volume booster, you nailed it. Feel dumb for not figuring that out myself… thanks all for helping.


is face palm :smiley:

Yes, but that coincidentally timed popup message saying my data was being shared, threw me right off the trail see… :slight_smile: That’s my official excuse, man. Still don’t know why I got that message and haven’t had it since.

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Just in the right place at the right time :man_superhero:
Happy to help!