Unknown problem posting Goggle(s)

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Description of the issue:
I get a generic error message:

There was an error processing your Goggle

When I try to ‘post’ various github links. For example:

I was able to post a couple of small samples (stripped out from hacker news example):

It would also seem helpful to create a Goggles Topic here. I am picking Brave Search as the closest related topic, but it seems slightly ‘off’.

Operating System:
This should not be relevant since I was able to post the two samples above, but just in case:
Linux Mint 21.2 Victoria
FireFox 122.0 (64-bit)

Is there any way to get details on the syntax error when I post the link(s)? Or perhaps a regex pattern to pre-test validity? Perhaps even an Intellij Syntax editor setup?

Thanks for all the work in providing the search engine, as well as the beta Goggles functionality!


After more hacking/poking/looking, it seems I had an invalid ! avatar entry (too many characters).
Additionally I included some entries I meant as placeholders, that have $boost=0 which leads to a better (but still quite vague) message of
Line 68: There was an error processing your Goggle
Where it would be better (for me and other newbies) to see something like:
Line 68: There was an error processing your Goggle: boost must be 1 or greater, '0' is not a valid boost

It is possible to share the validation script used on the backend? I would be happy to do a PR with some added warning/feedback text if I could look at the script.
Thanks again for all your hard work!