Unknown Large Files

I was running low on ssd space, so I opened up WinDirStat and noticed that there was a folder in Brave’s AppData that was taking up 4Gb of space. The exact path to this folder is C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\brave\File System\001\p\00. This is a screenshot of the contents of the folder. I thought that it could be an unfinished download, but I am unable to open it using 7-zip. There is no file extension as well.

I am on Windows 10, with Brave and Brave Dev installed.


cc @Mattches @kamil @clifton for information. Since I’m not sure about this one

@mendel3, truth be told I’m not entirely sure. A while ago, we had an issue where crash reports were getting repeatedly generated and stored. That’s my best theory. In any case, I think you should be alright to delete them.

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