United States - Michigan - Metro Detroit / Ann Arbor (seeking interest)

I’m an AdTech enthusiast. I help run a small digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing automation by day. By night, I’m always exploring and cataloguing various creative creations, whether it be music, fine art, or substantive motion pictures.

The Brave project has piqued my interest and actually is the reason I care about blockchain technology. I am working on making the browser my default. I figure if I’m active in helping its progress, I’ll get that much closer to achieving that small goal.

If there is anyone in SouthEast MIchigan area interested in getting together and talking shop, respond in this thread. I would love to host something. I just need to know where the best place might be. As a Michigander, have car; will travel. Let’s do this.

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Hi ferguson,
I’m a digital media artist and experimental electronic hip hop musician. I enjoy Brave for several reasons, and have grown fond of the BAT currency exchange idea. I no longer feel like a free-lunch man on the web + I feel good about it.
I’m situated just over to the west across lake Michigan, 'round SE Wisconsin. I do have a pal in Ann Arbor who I might just try and visit one day; but yeah, I’m near.
I’d love to start more sentences with I. I do enjoy writing in this style. Shaaaa!
Be well!
Dunzo Donalds

Hi. I’m Don, from Bay City, about 1 1/2 hours from Detroit. I’m an on again/off again Brave user. I don’t really get into the BAT or crypto currency stuff. I use surf internet frequently, and just want a browser that will allow me to do that safely, and quickly, and not bother me with ‘buy this’ or other kind of ad crap. I love Brave for that reason. Also, I love how often it’s updated. Many other browsers seem to be at a stand still on that. Interested in meeting other Brave users from Michigan.