Unique Tab Connection - for Safe access (MetaMask, Brave Wallet, others...)

Hello everybody. I have trying NFT and start to work with opensea and other platforms.

I notice MetaMask and other wallets are being hacked when people click on phishing links that give strange people acess to your browser wallet.

I would like to ask Brave team to create an Unique Tab Connection. So, with this I can connect, for example, MetaMask only on this tab. With that SAFE tab, I use to acess my NFT and other crypto platforms.

When I want to use social networks and navigate to internet normally I can use the others “normal tabs” that are NOT CONNECTED with the wallet. This can prevent a lot of hacker attacs.

For design: When we get a Unique Tab Connected with a wallet can appear an Icon of the wallet on this tab. The tab can have a different collor as well to make it easier to identify.



Sorry to post an answer after my topic post. Just to tell I have fix the name of the Request Feature to make it clear.



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i agree, that would be great. its a good idea.

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Thank you. So please, upvote my post. Cheers.


It is important to notice that even with Metamask you can secure some of your assets with a Ledger to add another layer of security.

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Yes. Iknow. But not everybody uses hardware wallets. So I’m trying to find a way to make new users (and old users as well) stop being hack all the time.