Unique keyboard shortcuts for individual Brave Shields settings

I have been using Brave since late 2016 and love it. The best feature is its built-in ad blocking and script blocking, which I use extensively.

I have recently experimented with aggressive shield settings (scripts & cookies often blocked etc.) and greatly benefit from faster loading times and greater privacy. But aggressive settings often break website functionality.

I am left with a difficult choice: do I loosen default restrictions and thereby gain website functionality but lose privacy? (something I do not want to do) Or do I manually change restrictions with the mouse and preserve my privacy but constantly perform a tedious task? (something I’m tired of doing) On average I manually loosen ad settings to approximately 5 websites a day. Cookies are in very high demand.

I believe this could be easily solved with keyboard shortcuts for website-specific ad blocking settings. If I could use shortcuts (e.g. Alt + Cntrl + Shift + D) to toggle script blocking or to change cookie settings from Blocked to Cross-Site Blocking for the particular website I’m on, that could save me time on a repetitive task. It would also encourage more users to run aggressive settings since changing individual website settings would not be as tedious.

Brave is on a mission to promote greater privacy and security. Running aggressive restrictions fulfils Brave’s mission. But loss of website functionality means changing ad settings is frequent and tedious. Adding keyboard shortcuts would encourage more users to run aggressive shields and increase user privacy.