Uninstalling Brave => lost my estimated earnings this cycle


Since I had some trouble with Brave Brower, I saved the brave key and I uninstalled Brave and delete all the key on the AppData’s file.

I installed it once again and until now everything works perfectly ! I restore my brave key but the 6 BAT I had on my estimated earnings this cycle got vanished…
I tried everything but it’s completely lost.

Any ideas why and how to solve the trouble ?


From this:

to this after reinstalling Brave Browser and restore the key:

any ideas or any explanations about that current trouble ? It’s only 6 BAT but it means a lot to me

It would be good to know and understand if the backup of the wallet (key) also backs up the earnings for the cycle run…

I don’t this so, seems like backup will recover only BATs already moved from “current earnings” to wallet (after 5th of month)…

anyway, good question, what if (for any reason) I have to remove/reinstall brave like stated in original post? will I lost all my current earnings always? is there anything planned regarding this issue?

This actually is not likely related to your uninstalling Brave. See here for more information:

maybe I will try to state more precisely, what if I (accidentally) remove that folder or my PC will crash and I have to reinstall whole system?

if I undestand that well, those earnings are stored locally on the system where brave is installed, right?

Any earned BAT that you’ve claimed will be persisted, but may not be reflected on restore. For example, say right now you’ve viewed 20 Ads this month and now you need to restore. Wallet is backed up, system wiped.

When you restore your wallet, the earnings/count may not reflect those 20 viewed ads, but you will receive the accrued value for them on the next 5th of the month.

Let me know if any of the above is unclear.

@Mattches thank you for clarification!

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