Unicode letter broken on Facebook after Windows 10 Upgrade to 20H2

I encountered a problem with unicode letter which is broken on Facebook page. It cannot read letter “ć” but instead of that it reads something like " c’ ". I tried everything (from resetting Font Cache to the SFC /scannow).

How can I solve this problem without reinstalling Windows? I upgraded Windows 10 version 1909 (18363.476) to 20H2 (19042.508), then I installed KB4579311 (19042.572).


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Hello, could you copy-paste the URL of the Facebook post?

It’s everywhere on Facebook, when I said page, I mean the whole site.

Well, I use Unicode too but I don’t see any broken page on Facebook.
If you don’t want to say what page gives you trouble, we can’t do anything for you.

Wherever the word “ć” is written, dash is slightly moved to the right.

It doesn’t happen here. I also use Unicode European characters.

Can you produce the same result on sites other than Facebook? It seems like its working fine on this forum but I’d like to know if it’s strictly facebook that’s giving you the issue.

Additionally, can you share a screenshot of the (or any) Facebook page where you see the " ć " character appear incorrectly as you described (more than just the letter itself)?

I posted a few examples.

Screenshot 2020-12-04 231826

I looked on other sites and it’s everything fine, but when I log in on other computer with Brave, it doesn’t have this problem. I highlighted everywhere where ć is incorrectly showed.

Can you try clearing your cache/data for Facebook and see if this helps? Honestly I’m not sure it will – that’s a very strange and specific issue.
To clear Facebook data/cache:

  1. Visit facebook.com
  2. Click the “lock” icon in the address bar (left side)
  3. Then Site settings
  4. Then click Clear data

Refresh the page, log back in and check and see if you get different results. To confirm, it’s only that one character ( ć ) that displays incorrectly? All of the rest display as intended? Additionally, do you have any extensions installed at this time?

I tried this already but it doesn’t solve the problem. Only that character is a problem. The rest of Unicode characters are showing just fine. I have a couple of extensions, but I doubt in that they are making a problem. This problem started when I upgraded Windows 10 to the latest version. Tried with resetting font cache, SFC, scanning with antivirus, but none of them doesn’t help.

Thank you for confirming.
One more question and one more test:

  1. Can you test this in another browser? Preferably Chrome or another Chromium based browser but any other browser should work. This will help narrow down whether or not the issue is specific to Brave, as it may be Windows related.
  2. Try creating a new profile (temporarily, you can delete it after testing if you’d like) by going to Menu --> Create new profile. Login to Facebook and see if you get the same results using the new browser profile.

I tested now with Microsoft Edge (Chromium), it’s same result. So I encountered it’s not the problem with Brave. Creating new profile also shows same result.

If that’s the case then this is likely Windows related rather than Brave related. I’ve reached out to a couple of team members for some input but you may be better off speaking with Microsoft Windows support.

Will let you know when I have heard back from the team.

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