Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not currently supported for Brave Rewards verification

I am from India.
And I am facing this problem . please give me any solution.facing this problem while I connect my uphold account.

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Facing same problem, I’m from India.

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“Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not currently supported for Brave Rewards verification”

Same problem, it used to work fine. From Greece. What happened and will it be fixed?

I am from Switzerland and wanted to link to Gemini but got the same error:

Fehler: Region nicht unterstützt

Leider können Ihre Brave Belohnungen nicht verifiziert werden, da Ihre Region derzeit nicht für die Verifizierung von Brave Belohnungen unterstützt wird.

I don’t understand why I am getting this message since I am in a supported region.

CURRENT - July 12
Supported regions for verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial wallet provider


Support for verifying your Brave Rewards profile may vary by region and custodian.

Currently, Brave Rewards can be verified with the following three custodial wallet service provider partners:

  • Uphold
  • Gemini
  • bitFlyer (Japan only)

Uphold, Gemini

Verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini or Uphold is available in the following 19 countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. Colombia
  6. Denmark
  7. Finland
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Ireland
  10. Italy
  11. Netherlands
  12. New Zealand
  13. Norway
  14. Portugal
  15. Singapore
  16. Spain
  17. Sweden
  18. United Kingdom
  19. United States


Verifying Brave Rewards with bitFlyer is only available for users in Japan.

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I do have this issue, I live in USA,
I can log in to uphold account in a separate tab, but it won’t connect to Brave wallet when I try the circle button it gives the following error.

@hutchnd What state do you live in? The notice linked below was posted previously but I do not know if this is accurate as both the Uphold notice and the Help Center article indicate USA is supported without exception. If this does not apply, you should probably submit a request to support to have them investigate using this form: Submit a request. USA users should not be receiving a region not supported message (with the possible exception of Hawaii). Also, what is “the circle button”? Not ringing a bell, sorry.

For now, do not disconnect from your Uphold account. You may still be able to receive Rewards payouts to your Uphold account even though you are logged out. Hopefully your issue will be resolved before payouts roll around again but who knows. Please post an update or create your own topic if you have additional questions or information to share. :smiley:

NOTICE: New region restrictions on Uphold (very important info for users in Hawaii)

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@Chocoholic Florida, but recently I flew to my home country with the laptop, and something has triggered I believe.

@hutchnd You should create your own topic in Brave Rewards/Rewards Support. Make sure you fill out the information in the template as it will help. This issue may become involved and your situation is really not similar to the posts in this topic. Please create your own topic.


I am from TAIWAN.

I’m not sure which error It is giving, but keep in mind the info below:

Nobody can connect to Uphold right now, if it’s been disconnected.

To Clarify
When I say don’t know which error it’s giving, I mean for those unable to connect because it’s been made temporarily unavailable. If it would say what you’re seeing or if it’s something else.

I’m having a problem with Uphold as well from Germany

@jberes Deutschland wird zur Zeit nicht unterstüzt.

Same problem for PERU :c

Same problem for everyone. You really should try reading the information people are linking.

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When Brave Team will get more success… Get ready for more aggressive actions from them… lol

transfer them to your coindcx or any other indian crypto exchange using Transact-select “Brave Browser” under “From”, then under “To” scroll down to “Crypto Networks” select “XRP Ledger Network”, you will be asked to enter "XRP address and “Destination Tag” copy these from coindcx and tap Next.

Hey there hutch. Hadn’t seen anything more from you in a while. Were you ever able to get yourself linked to Uphold again?

@Saoiray no still the same error, :frowning:

Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.
facing this problem
Need help from India