Unfortunately, the "Brave Rewards" service is not available

Hello. :high_brightness:
I wanted to see how many Brave Rewards I had accumulated. and I was abruptly told "It seems that Brave Rewards are not available in your region. I looked at what countries are in the blacklist and did not find my country there.
Can’t Ukrainians accumulate “BRAVE Revards”?

Thanks for the answer, and sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

If you’re getting this message, it means your device Locale is set to be in a region that Brave is not able to support for Brave Rewards at all. This means no ads or any form of participation of Rewards is possible for you. Countries that are not available for Rewards can be seen at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/9053832354957-Unavailable-jurisdictions-Brave-Rewards-is-not-available-in-your-region-

If you don’t live in one of those countries but still see this message, you will need to check all your device settings. Most likely, you have your country, region, regional format, or something of the sort set to a country that is on the list. Until that is changed, you’ll not be able to access Rewards.

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I encountered the same problem but in my case it was because I had messed with my system applications too much trying to undermine Google.

your device Locale is set to be in a region that Brave is not able to support

Sorry, but it seems to be a pretty bad method to ban people. Locale is not the same as location, it is not possible to determine a person’s country of residence by their locale settings.

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