Unfair suspension

good @steeven I write this thread because last month they did not pay me my accumulated BAT I thought that for this month they would pay me and I find now that my account is under review it seems unfair and I would like to pay the BAT that I earn

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I’m worried that some bad actors will ruin this just as what happened with the ad banner programs years ago. The only saving grace is multi-level-marketing is not used here. People with high hours of browser use with low amounts of unique content in those hours are most suspicious, IMHO. I really don’t know how they can stop all bad actors without getting all big brother on people’s computers. I really don’t want to solve captchas on every ad just to prove I’m a trained human.

The number one thing I would suggest to people is don’t use on a family computer. If each family member has their own account, then use per account would not be excessive.

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Please email Suspensions@brave.com if you haven’t already.