Unfair suspension of publisher account

Hello, to anyone reading this. I’ve stumbled on a frustrating and double-edged issue as a Brave Creator.

I’ve been supporting Brave since I first heard about it, and that was at the start of 2018, I developed a website and signed up to receive payments using Brave. I also advertised the Brave browser and referral links as well as some content, during the BAT grant giveaway incentivization.

Towards the end of the year, I had 1400 BAT on my account. I was happy by my work, however, I could not withdraw the funds at the time. So I had no choice but to leave it in and see it as an investment for the future. At the same time my website expired and I was temporarily out of mediums where I could receive BAT payments. Fast forward 7-8 months as I reboot my website and want to add Brave payments again, I log in to my account only to see it has been suspended followed by a generic bot message that I was in violation of the Grant rules. As I check the rules, there is no way that I have broken any rules or did any illegal activities to game the system.

I have already written a follow-up email to support which yielded no fruitful results. On one hand, I get it, this was a grant and they can do whatever they want with their money, but on the other, I gave in quite an effort to develop a website, pay for several months of hosting (6months +), serve 300 monthly visitors and propagate the name and mission of Brave & BAT, which was the grant’s incentive all along.

Anyway, this central form of control is what bugs me, how can you control my wallet in which I had 1400 BAT acquired by my work and suddenly I cannot access it anymore. If Brave is a decentralized movement then creators should have total control of their wallets as well. Since when do you have a say who gets to do anything.

This is a big issue to resolve going forward, will Brave be fully decentralized even in terms of creators and publishers or will Brave ultimately decide who can earn on their platform, who can posts ads, what ads you can show, etc, which will lead to yet another if not even greater monopolistic position like Google and Facebook have.

Ultimately I woud like these questions to be resolved and also I would like to move on and resume being a Brave creator and being compensated for my work online, I truly believe in the cause and can contribute to public awareness and adoption by writing articles, encouraging use, driving referrals.

My twitter is twitter.com/sanneh_si, I publish on Medium and am currently doing a full redesign of http://gamingcoin.info which will under the condition that I may resume my activities on Brave, use Brave payments and encourage new users.


Original email

My name is Sanel Okic, from Slovenia. I see a “suspended error” when trying to log into my publishers account. A little back story about my account is that I participated in the BAT rewards programme around March of last year. I had a website running with Brave payments enabled on it. I advertised the Brave browser on it by displaying a “Works with Brave” logo.

I did not trickle any BAT from within the browser onto my own site. At some point later that year I checked my Publisher’s account and seen that I had around 1400 BAT in my wallet, around $250 at that time. I tried withdrawing it, but withdrawals were not available at that time. With a twist of events I could not keep up with the maintenance of the website and it soon went offline, I was also terribly absent from the whole Brave rewards scene as a result of pressing real life matters.

Recently I discovered that Browse has made pressing moves in their development and that the browser is finally a respectful substitute for Chrome and have begun to use it. I have also wanted to use the BAT rewards programme (for viewing ads) but it is not available in my region ( or is still in beta). It is at this time that I remembered that I have some BAT tokens waiting for me and it is thus that I have discovered this error when trying to log into my account.

I understand that there are worries about abusing the system, but I feel I have used the system fairly, I have given my best effort to make the website available for visitors and remain open to receiving BAT tips and spreading awareness.

This is the story of the situation, I believe in the decentralization of data and our ability to monetize what is rightfully ours and think the BAT project is truly one of the few meaningful use-cases of blockchain technology. I would also like to continue my Publishing efforts with BAT as I will soon be a curator of up to 3 websites, related to blockchain gaming, general lifestyle blog and a personal blog in Slovenian.

I cheer for a positive resolution and wish you all the best in your judgment of the situation,

Yours truly, Sanel.


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