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Bug: tab widths do not update to fill when manually closed by mouse until the mouse moves. When enough tabs are open to force a compression of the tab width (aka like 15 tabs open), the width of each tab when closed by the mouse clicking the “x” does not animate properly/actually move the tab to where the mouse is until the mouse moves, updating each tab width. In Chrome, when tabs are compressed, you can easily close multiple tabs by clicking the “x” on the tab repeatedly, as the tabs resize to be perfectly under the mouse for consecutive closing. The animation in Brave glitches and won’t update the resizing of the tab width to make up for the previously closed tab until the mouse moves.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open enough tabs until the tabs’ widths are smaller than default.
  2. Close the far right tab.
  3. Observe that the set of tabs across the window do not update their widths.

Actual result:

The red “x” marks the location of the mouse after clicking the animation. The blue box indicates where the former tab was open.

Expected result:
I’m not allowed to post 2 images cause I’m too new.

Reproduces how often:
Occurs 100% of the time across two different PCs running Windows 10 and latest version of Brave.

Brave Version 0.19.122

about:brave info:

Reproducible on current live release:
Yes. This is reproducible on multiple computers running this current build.

Additional Information



Here is the actual “expected” result.

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