Unexpected high background activity on iOS

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Description of the issue:
Brave iOS is using a lot of resources while not active on the foreground.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use Brave iOS with background refresh disabled
  2. Check battery activity on iOS

Expected result:
No (or very low) background activity

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 15.3.1

Additional Information:
Brave is configured to be the default browser
Background app refresh is disabled


A few questions, some sites will be heavier than others. and will use more system resources than others.

  1. What was the uptime of Brave (when was it launched)?
  2. How many tabs open, and what webpages are open?

Does closing all tabs, and just restarting brave help to improve it?

I can test my iphone 8plus if needed, which has much less system resources to work with

  1. I don’t know, assume the app hadn’t been closed for several days
  2. About 5 tabs; goodbudget.com, linkedin.com; these tabs were open for several days

On advice of a friend, I have restarted Brave today. But did not close the tabs so they re-opened upon restarting.

Meanwhile I’ve determined the issue is unrelated to Brave being the default browser. The stats below are from a day where Safari was the default.

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