Unexpected behavior in Incognito TOR tab (recognized pre-login)

In an Incognito TOR tab, following a login at amazon.com, I logged into Twitter.

Instead of the normal screen — no login fields filled in — this time my login ID was already displayed.

Since then I’ve found no way to pull up a Twitter login screen that doesn’t have my login pre-filled in.

All Shields were on except for the one about ‘scripts.’ (I don’t know why that one wasn’t, unless it’s the default.)

Could that explain it? If not, why would this ‘recognition’ occur in a TOR tab?


Hi @mk7z,

Thanks for reaching out. That is some strange behavior. So far I haven’t been able to reproduce.

I’m not sure that blocking scripts would make the difference. Did you try it out?

Hi @mk7z,

Can you try to reproduce in beta/dev/nightly builds and see if you get the same results?

Download [other build] -> login to Twitter -> close browser -> open it again -> open tor window -> go to Twitter, see if the login info is there.

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