Undo full screen blocking for websites


Hi there,
I really like the new browser and it’s privacy by default behavior. However, it needs to have the important features from other browsers as well. Today, I blocked by mistake a websites full screen request. Instead of remember and allow, I tapped remember and disallow. Now I am searching for a way to undo this, but it seems there is no setting to see which sites are blocked for full screen and which are not. I also had a look in the file system, but also didn’t find a configuration file with the desired contents.
How do I undo this setting, so I can see the website in full screen mode? It would be nice to have an “advanced” settings button in the contents section, similar to Chrome.


Hi @rpeinl,

The setting is saved under about:preferences#security > Saved Site Permissions. Clicking X will delete the permission. And when you enter fullscreen, it will ask your permission again.

Hope this can help.
Thank you,