Undetected Brave Browser When Automated Over Puppeteer/Playwright/CDP

What: I have a feature request that includes making Brave undetectable when used with automation tools like Puppeteer/Playwright/Chrome DevTools Protocol.

Why: Currently we have automation tools like Puppeteer that work with Chromium browsers but they are easily defeated by bot detection such as CloudFlare/Imperva. Brave will gain a large bump in browser market share by assigning a small team to make Brave undetectable when automated with such tools. Furthermore, Brave could also profit greatly by including inbuilt paid services such as rotating residential proxies, rotating browser fingerprints, etc.

I don’t see that happening, especially when there generally aren’t any legitimate reasons for it to happen. Keep in mind majority of bots and full automation are being used for scams, fraud, hacks, etc.

Tell me what benefit there would be for “defeating bot detection” would have for the average user.

You realize Brave randomizes fingerprint, right?

Brave with Tor is an option. But you also have Brave VPN and all. Not sure to which extent you’re focused on this. If looking at privacy and adblocking, both of those would cover you.

I’ll kind of cycle back to what I said earlier:

  • How would these things you’re requesting, especially defeating bot detection, be of any use to the average user?

  • What legitimate use case would there be to implement these things?

It won’t be useful to the average user. It will be useful for bot developers and also present a huge opportunity for Brave to heavily monetise such a feature if implemented. I’m sure that tens of thousands will subscribe to such a service if Brave catered to this niche as currently there aren’t any reliable/effective alternatives.

Just a few would be:

  • Automating buying products from websites when the price hits a certain value and then automating the reselling.

  • Sometimes you can only test scripts properly if you aren’t blocked by bot prevention.

  • Making an online service that helps people find cheapest prices for things like tickets by automating the price checking from a bunch of other sites

And off course there are other endless legitimate use cases.

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