Underline does not work in yahoo mail under brave 0.15.1


Since the latest upgrade to Brave, my Yahoo e-mail no longer allows me to utilize Ctrl+U to underline highlighted text or to type new text underlined. Instead, Ctrl+U opens a new tab with all the html code in the background of a new Yahoo e-mail message. The same is not true of any of the other browsers I use. Please advise as to how I can use underline in Yahoo mail while using the Brave browser. Thank you


Hi @oliverburrows,

It seems the underline shortcut conflict with View Page Source Ctrl+U.

Which OS?

UPDATE: I open a GitHub issue for this: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/8591

Thank you,


The operation system is Windows 10 Pro.


Thank you. I updated the info in GitHub. You can track the progress there. :slight_smile:

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