Unconventional language in Brave French translation

I noticed an unconventional use of the french languge in the french translation of Brave, in the donation (don) section in Brave://rewards. It is the following : “Avez-vous fait un petit don à votre créateur·rice de contenu préféré·e aujourd’hui ?”

The use of the so-called “inclusive writing” is not widespread, highly controversial and not recognised by the french education system and the french language academy (see their statement: http://www.academie-francaise.fr/actualites/declaration-de-lacademie-francaise-sur-lecriture-dite-inclusive.

Does this use reflect the political views of the brave browser team?
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Pierre, a Brave Browser enthusiast.

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Bonjour Pierre,
That article does not offer specific guidance on what to do in these cases. Does the Académie française offer such recommendations? I see that the Office québécois de la langue française recommends using brackets: http://bdl.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/bdl/gabarit_bdl.asp?id=5343

I do not believe that Brave has a style guide (perhaps it should) for its French translation. I have myself noticed several inconsistencies with the word “don” (sometimes “pourboire” is used interchangeably) for example.


the french language when it comes to gender is quite a mess right now. Some argue that one should say “les créateurs”, because people use the masculine as the neutral, while some say one should say “les créateurs et les créatrices”, which is more inclusive, but longer and futilely heavy.
So I think it is a matter of ideology and style. Sadly, there is no clear guidance from the Académie, as far as I know.
Whichever you chose, I think this “inclusive writing” thing is very connoted and could irritate a lot of people in France right now.

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PS: I am a literature student so I am of course biased towards preservation of the language, but I want to point out that in many if not most of the french literary works, masculine is used as the neutral.

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