Uncontrollable scrolling apparently fixed; other flaws remain

Vertical scrollbar “sticks” (scrolls down repeatedly on single click)
Vertical scrollbar "sticks" (scrolls down repeatedly on single click)
started 24 May 2018
last post 7 Aug 2018

Scroll bar won’t stop scrolling
Scroll bar won't stop scrolling
started 18 Mar 2018
closed (with no resolution) 16 July 2018

Can’t stop vertical scrolling
Can't stop vertical scrolling
started 19 Mar 2018
closed (with no resolution) 9 July 2018

Brave v0.24.0 appears to fix uncontrollable scrolling under a 64-bit Windows 7 service pack 1 installation. Uncontrollable scrolling was one reason that after trying Brave I mostly reverted to other browsers. A few days passed before I became aware v0.24.0 had been released. Brave relegated fixing this problem to an unspecified future date. With that in mind, and with no mention from Brave that this problem has intentionally been resolved, I figured I’d suggest: determine whatever random code fixed the problem and include it in future releases.

Department of Redundancy Department: Settings/Preferences | Extensions – Bitwarden appears on 2 lines; there are 2 Bitwarden icons on the URL bar. This doesn’t impede my use of Bitwarden.

Still at the top of my list and still unaddressed: no user control over downloading Brave updates. If connectivity / bandwidth is limited, there are lengthy periods (days stretching into weeks) when I rely on other browsers – and never load Brave – because uncontrollable updates hog available bandwidth. Respect and empower your users. Let users control when updates are downloaded. No control over downloading updates significantly undercuts Brave’s appeal. It’s inferior to e.g.: Firefox and Vivaldi. Under Windows, adjusting Autoruns gives users control over updating Chrome and Opera. Repeating and emphasizing: give users control over downloading Brave updates.

Unresolved: about the same time uncontrolled scrolling appeared – mid-March 2018 – Brave failed to start with a window that’s the same size and in the same screen location as when closed. This isn’t a deal-breaker; it remains an irritant.

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