Unclaimed Rewards since 2019-2021

I’ve been using Brave Browser since 2019 and haven’t claim my rewards until now. I switched from my 2019 Laptop to a PC a few months back and installed Brave. now I remembered I had rewards on my Laptop, I opened Brave Rewards and was greeted with tons of claim rewards, I clicked them too fast that only 3 transactions went through (I only did the drag the triangle to specific shape thrice too). does this mean all my other rewards from 2019-2021 are lost? please help me. Thanks!

EDIT: Also I’ve also connected my uphold account on both devices prior to claiming my rewards

I believe unclaimed rewards that are older than 90 days goes back to Brave, So you could get 3 months rewards ( Maybe those are the transactions that went through )

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oh… I should’ve claim them back then. Is there any article/post that proves your comment true? thanks!

I found that post that I read here

https://brave.com/faq/#unclaimed-funds 7

This is actually for the unclaimed funds sent to publishers.

Found the other post that I was talking about and things are exactly like I said current Brave builds lacks the GUI warning and it’s being worked on.

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