Unblock: twitch

i was going to watch twitch but then it said that it is distributing malware or stealing login credentials.

Are you sure you’re on the right Twitch? https://twitch.tv

yup just clicked your link and it wont open

Ok, and your Anti-Virus/Anti-malware software isn’t blocking it? (Disable your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware program temporarily to see if there’s any difference.)

  • Use Greenshot to save a Screenshot, then upload the screenshot(s).

i dont have one and it says your browser is blocking it

OK, you need to select a Category on the original post, such as "Support and Troubleshooting - Desktop Support. Then follow the template that is automatically added. Otherwise you risk having this topic deleted/closed without getting any help.

Also save a screenshot of the ‘it’ with Greenshot. Install Greenshot, and make it show always in the notification area, then when you have the blocked message showing, click on the Greenshot icon in the notification area of the task bar, then click “Capture region.” Select the area you want to capture by click and holding the left mouse button down, then drag diagonally up or down.

Oh i can do that on my macbook i dont need that

Ok, you didn’t say that before, so in that case you can’t use Greenshot.

  • Edit your post and select the Category.

Theres a link to a gif too

It’s blocked because you’re using the old Muon based Brave and support for that stopped some time after the switch to the new Chromium-based Brave, which is so different that you can’t autoupdate to it. Downloading/installing from brave.com/download and importing your stuff should do the trick.

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It was working just yesterday

Other sites started having this problem last week. I have no idea why the timing is different, but the fix is to upgrade to the new Chromium-based Brave.

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Thanks for the information I hope it gets fixed soon

It won’t because Muon isn’t supported, any more. The new version has to be installed from a new download. See When its time to ask everybody to move to Brave (Chromium)?, among other posts regarding this, though it looks like initially the plan was for Muon to tell you you needed to download the Chromium based version. I don’t remember whether mine did, now.

@hnktong is correct – this issue may resolve itself depending on how the filter lists used in safe browsing are updated in the chromium code. However, Muon is (and will only continue to be) outdated with respect to both the filter lists and chromium updates.

I would highly recommend upgrading to the newest Brave. It has a litany of advantages but most importantly – it’s up to date with all the aforementioned security/chromium changes.

In fact, we can push out these security updates/fixes several times faster in the new build and just recently released a hotfix from v0.61.51 --> 0.61.52 just for the chromium bump (and we did it less-than a day than it was released).

Please let me know if any of the above is unclear.

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i dont think this is a genuine complaint on twitch as there has not been any official releases of such news

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