Unblock: The News & Observer


Description of the issue:
The URL is https://www.newsobserver.com. This is the web site of the daily Raleigh, NC newspaper. The block just started happening a few days ago. I suspect it has been erroneously or maliciously blocked.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Go to https://www.newsobserver.com

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:

Reproduces how often:

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It’s (likely per @Mattches) because you’re using an old (Muon based) version of the browser.

So far every reported block has been using Muon AFAIK (even mine - opened an old version window by mistake and didn’t realize).

Is there a reason you have to use the old version? If not, upgrading to the current release should fix your problem (your site opened fine in my current 0.63.14 Chromium: 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) for MacOS 10.14.3).

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