Unblock - Nerdist news (certain videos served via brightcove.net)


Certain videos on Nerdist.com will not play. Of those, they all appear to be served by players.brightcove.net.



Thanks for reporting @wearingart

This is likely as you suspect, some content and ad mixing via brightcove. I’ve been able to reproduce on windows 10.

Can you let us know what OS you’re on so we can include that with the issue?

Going to file an issue in Github, and will investigate.

In the meantime, for a short term solution I’d recommend disabling shields at the site level (via the lion icon menu) in order to continue viewing content while we investigate.

Will share the issue from github here so you can track progress as well.


Thanks for responding so quickly!

I am using Windows 10.


Sure thing!

I’ve filed the issue to track the investigation here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/7465

Will update here once we’ve reached a resolution, but feel free to track progress on the issue above.

Thanks again for reporting.

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