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Well, since my latest post, I installed Brave for a few times again, but I still got a lot of disappointment. Startup time is getting longer and longer, eventually takes more than 30 seconds to load. A black screen appears during that time. When browser finally is loaded, tabs opening time is the next issue, at least 10 seconds is needed to open or switch between them. Even they switch on their own sometimes. Weird, really. On web site reaction time is better, but still much slower than in other browsers. I mean, not one another browser I’m using or I used so far isn’t causing me no similar problems whatsoever. I have tried Brave on two computers with each 32 and 64 bit Windows 10, but problem is the same on both. I’m looking over the net for simple explanation for what is going on, but there are not any suitable answer or some usable notice, how to solve this problem. In the past I have tried some browsers which were also marked as dev or beta versions, but no one has experienced me with that kind of a glitch. It bothers me, that no one can give me some usefull explanation and I’m wandering in the dark. Even to tell me, if there is possibility to do something to improve that situation. I really would like to use this browser due to fantastic UI and pretty much blazing browsing speeds in the past, but at this time it is completely useless for me.
I hope to get any encouraging tips or at least good time frame to when this will be fixed. Even some words about what can possibly be done to solve this. Again, in simple words.
Thank you!


As I run troubleshooter on brave.exe, it gives me information that:
“too many NAT devices is causing troubles with connectivity and can block internet access”. Somehow there is more than one NAT (?) devices, that is translating (forwarding?) network adresses. Unfortunately I don’t know what exactly that means. Is this data helpfull for you?


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Hi @slocom I first started of using Brave in Win10 and I’ll be blunt with you, I experienced exactly the same issues if not more and found it surprising how blazing the browsing experience was initially and then slowly started to decrease in efficiency like a processor and figured I may have just gotten used to the speed or a particular websites I was visiting had a terrific CDN.

I’m currently using Brave in Linux after it (well without being to fruitfully in my words) annoyed me a lot and so far it’s been relatively working well for me though there are still some issues but I’m sure after v1.0 (more likely a couple of months after just before 2019) it will be as excellent and arguably better and without a doubt a true competitor to all the other major browsers.

Nevertheless, you’re probably aware that they’re moving away from their fork Moun which is currently functioning front-end in favour of a completely Chromium out look to do away with plenty of concerns and issues that Moun brings and so the team can also utilize their time and efforts on better things.

Here’s a couple of links to keep you update-to-date of their latest development time line before and just after v1.0 which believe it or not is more sooner than you think.

Current milestone concerning current issue - https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/milestones


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