Unavailable balance and no deposit's made yet

I also see that my balance is not available, admin can you say what does this mean? and does it make sense to continue inviting people?

Me too and my youtube is Unverified

me too, what happened?

I invested in paid advertising for a very large amount for the first time Afraid of any glitch

not yet any reply from office…i think reffer service will stop

Calm down , its a system error …


Hi, in my side it’s been a week or so that my balance jump from 57 BAT to -16 BAT to 21 BAT and now I’ve got the same as you guys Balance Unavailable.

same problem for me.

Me too. My balance unavailable®📵

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Mee too! Unavailable.

Yep Same issue here…

@Asad please update status this issue. Thanks.

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I just got a message from Brave Via Facebook messenger, they said that the stats should be showing okay now, i checked but its still the same, can anyone confirm if the issues resolved & are we okay to continue inviting people to Brave.



UNAVAILABLE yet to me, we have to wait. The should be working on.

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mismo error, ayer todo estaba bien, al parecer es un error generalizado

Si! se paciente, deben estar reparandolo. Y tratemos de mantener el foro en ingles o al menos el canal.

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Hi all - this is a known server issue and the team is currently investigating. I will post here as soon as the fix is in place, but please know that you will not be losing any BAT due to this error.


Thanks steeven :slight_smile: . Good day.

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