Unauthorized withdrawal from My UpHold Account

Hello from Turkey

I do not remember the “bat” transfer process below

I’m waiting for an explanation as soon as possible

Selahattin Uzun

unauthorized withdrawals are as follows

Reservechain transaction ID



This is something you should ask the support from Uphold to look into this is not a Brave issue.
but you have to have patience in that case they respond slowly.

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thank you for the answer
I asked first on Uphold
Uphold replied that it was not their own, it was about Brave.
I am writing here upon the reply.

Then send a DM(Direct Message) to @steeven or @Mattches with details like Brave versionWallet Id and screen shot of transaction. Hopefully they wil be able to solve this for you, or find the right person who can.

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I did what you said.
I wrote to our friends you said with dm
I hope they make a comeback
Thank you very much for your help and response

i think you did not turn off your auto contribute option in brave browser

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it could be
this is important
I will check our work and home computers and mobile browser one by one
many thanks

automatic contribution was on on a home computer
I think we found the source of the problem
The issue has been resolved
thank you to the friends @sams2210 and @Menno who helped

@SuZuN do you received your bat back?

because auto contribution is turned on on one of my computers,
I think such a possibility is out of the question.
I closed the auto contribution setting

@SuZuN and the contribution is registered in your rewards settings?

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If I understand your question correctly
appears in the monthly activity details as an automatic contribution


Am bigirimana Alexis I want to know if possible can I received money to MTN on mobile phone am from Rwanda city Kigali

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@Bigirimana You need to start a new topic to ask your question. Your question has nothing to do with the topic being discussed.

Yes, I found that problem as well, other computer had ‘give away my bat to content creator’ turned on. The funny thing is that I was seeing BAT collect over the last few months and was up to almost $40-50 dollars. then boom it’s gone. So perhaps an update turned it on… some sort of default setting??? a bug?? I thought that I had it shut off months ago… Anyway, back up to 2 bat again…


@dmz33 maybe steeven can help you, give it a try

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I had auto contribute turned on, in brave rewards area on the iMac in the kids room…

hopefully that’ll stop. Thank god I didn’t buy any extra, or it would have been gone too…


D.M. Zipay

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