Unauthorized transaction of BAT sent as tips when tips were turned off

So I already contacted uphold but they told me to create a post here. I had around 16 BAT and they were sent from my uphold account to a different user in increments of 5 and 1. I didn’t authorize any transfer. This is the second time I create a post as the moderator that told me to upload images hasn’t responded for like a week. So here are the images clearly showing that auto tip was set to off. I demand the lost BAT be placed back in my account.

Hi @Prostfire, welcome to Community!

Have you toggled off Auto-Contribute? Can you DM me the amount of BAT that you lost?

Salty :banana:

Weird. The data says that auto-contribute is turned. Other members may help.

So did you tip to wikihow and wikipedia on 15/11/2021. I think you tipped 1.8 and 2.2 BAT to them and accidentally also tipped 5 Bat either to wikihow or wikipedia.
Also, you may have tipped vancedapp 1.65 BAT and then accidentally tipped again the same to vanced app. (The theory is only, if you consciously tipped first to wiki and vanced)

Well, a moderator fully reimbursed me, and no I never tipped anyone manually.

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