Unable to withdraw funds or verify with uphold

When I click on “Verify wallet” or “Withdraw funds” I get redirected to the following url


However when I login to my account I just get shown my dashboard screen like nothing happened. https://imgur.com/a/lF363bp Although it says my wallet had been connected, it isn’t reflected in my Brave Rewards settings.

You don’t see the Wallet verified notification on your Rewards panel?

Also, do you see the Brave Browser card in your Uphold account or no?

Hey @Mattches thanks for replying. No, unfortunately I do not. Here’s a screengrab https://imgur.com/a/p1Imt05

And hitting Verify wallet again does nothing? Also, do you see the Brave Browser card on your Uphold or no?

Yes Verify wallet doesn’t seem to do anything. And no I don’t see the Brave Browser card on uphold.

So I noticed something weird about the verification url /signup/step2, I actually tried setting up this wallet couple days ago, I’m thinking something during the process isn’t in sync with Brave itself since it’s trying to lead me to step2. Just a hunch.

please remove the line that include the application id cause this id is sensitive data

and have a nice day

I’m pretty sure that’s the standard application id for all users since it’s available on GitHub as well, but I’ll remove it anyways, thanks.

Managed to fix it, in my Preferences file I changed the status of my uphold wallet from 5 to 0.

"external_wallets" : {
    "uphold" : {
        "status": 0

This might be a bug you guys may wish to fix, happy to provide logs if needed.

EDIT: Seems like the BAT funds don’t reflect in my Uphold account though, however I can see the card now.

So I was just informed that they’re actually doing some backend maintenance right now and new wallets will be unable to verify until it’s complete. So the good news is that it actually isn’t a bug and is likely why you’re not seeing the balance reflected.


Thanks for the info @Mattches, although the funds still don’t seem to reflect on my account even after clicking Withdraw funds https://imgur.com/a/Xy5doAK anything I can try to fix this issue?

But I’m guessing it has something to do with this post? MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

i think so also as your screen shoot say pending so i think your payment still processing and in the post you mentioned the payment extend till tomorrow
hope you get paid soon and have a nice day

As I stated previously:

Just wondering if payments are still being processed since I still can’t seem to withdraw funds,

PS, no worries if there’s still work going on at Uphold!

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