Unable to watch The Alex Jones Show

I haven’t checked the other Streams(On the site)

1 Smiley is requierd

Have you tried toggling shields to see if it works?

no i havent i was counting on somebody here to change the shield so it will WORK 4 EVRYBODY, It works somewhat in firefox despite the lag/indeffinent freeze

Please try toggling shields and shields settings and check. Need to identify the root cause before a fix is put in.

adblocking n shield is de same thing🙄(?)

Adblocking is a component of shields. There are other settings as well in Shields. So if you can individually toggle settings in shields or turn off shields completely as well.

Shields provide various protections in Brave. Ad/tracker blocking, https upgrades, cookie blocking, script control, etc. You can toggle all the see controls individually from the Shields panel:

@sriram was instructing you to turn all protections off to see if that’s the root cause of the issue. If turning off all protections enables video playback then we’ve verified that Shields is blocking something required for playback, and from there we can further narrow down the offending protection and decide if it needs a fix in the code or provide a workaround for it.