Unable to watch Foxnews live

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Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.type https://video.foxnews.com/v/5614615980001#sp=watch-live
2. choose your cable provider then takes you to another webpage to log in https://idp.dtvce.com/entitlementlogin/login.do?siteId=IDP_Fox_FoxNews_01&providerName=IDP_Fox_FoxNews_01&stateInfo=eJwVlkW2rFoAQwdEA7fGa%2BAc3Iuih7sWPvp%2F%2FxCSrJ3kJJomsx3e5Pp%2FpfhiuYwn0En0xyWDA%2BdVRQkuHBq%2FVMkBBeagSKdkud%2Bbd0Dcu3YMn2cI4djcxyPyISlMiK5ZXa2KbUw2EIM0XX3IGTP%2BVAPPQN3KixKsykwKswIIkUUNqa3O7GzSnC95YItfCwwms0mBJ9c3wTEEPe5n%2FlQuE7jrFOlOvYPs4nNbr4DPy4Z2BFrUn3MZFVBwbPJ4o5ancSJX7rOrTqSAM%2FjKudGU7YNfZx0Qx0g9WkycqEeXYIvLXlGhMERUvKLXEZMkHyWni484l79SR3wZg35PeSTX2jRaL%2FFBB5IV5F1r0AHk%2BSVayEnZuYpMP1T7xbevlGA15AeGAVHwZ2HK5oskYVVZPPZQodfLL4IqlqVppNS6itJ5ivnGfZnzUR4tPK7p6cnsK5dUkNrCySl8w2OwMrHLHOFMcrM9vps8pLon7dQJkaXKlDZwdALWIoQBS3nKEymp7asEU0AXzJZvChpDYUPRxVrtKsqBk5DSHqGu4LOH0ELMZYgG2JyhV%2FGWFfSx9AJ2xZBVQ7Wc8BqFnD9vkcyWdVg8iY8sIOxhkRAeT3Ui7cvKmfRK3V%2FwFXibO8eqHn%2B0Ma0fehpeUKZwB%2BrkGCsilL0exgLottSk27%2Ft3KG4zhLhrf9YoQvvZanLD9I1Zj0y7c3kj4xhFecLwQ8KYXI26cgzJbxzoKruDpChS7ohEx4drG6dhCj3YatP6y5xrET8fp7bldPptlN5PIFUpHSdy47rhKbAK75mMxFmsA366iRd8D0EFiu5RFyhImFwx7sKVCPjviT5po%2FS%2Bv0bJjW8Ta3ZxBoKbEd8YIHt59NHhnQrTDBiUWVQYSzlB442Ee%2FTjAnDyqfI8zQpDN70yWpC88LEhBi%2B8l2rb3vTHPOzzEZUWjPT3a0HaanT4yBkSv%2BV5qYZiT6tvZ6j9DEoRl8NN0E90vGmJCxYGb4dv4AYwH53GVGNW1VojW0LrD7omQ2GEDBoy2jMWficSv1A5DWa9DLApsLh5D%2B84lBW1tSHAn1tsyh%2FPeObzsNJJQzbiCmCSDB1jaCvihLXEVMPtodhZ27J4Tz%2BcMW6bz9qn%2BWW5tBv6p4oBATvKgtB4Oed3PKbmB3NhAOU54c6rNV2TWdR2gldk4cHzZSlKRDwjbAwGRp9T6qZmJI9XbT0f808s9C20cTwIG2L7o19ZvkJL0gTsFE2KF6eBAtDTkkDx17tDJJ2quxGzvXsmY9xbyufL0HhmWUdEB9%2Byaw5XnOHaziTFDu8qAggaVIP7yQkjp3BxdDFAF3%2Buo%2FWVLhOZFhUHooSTb4%2BEcZg7CwMJ6qbqgsXofuQ4kaHSHwmnGdwupHOt2JfKL%2BLIuBsR%2BR9TrSHTKMsvgkFNT7KsI2YViw%2BY%2FQU3SrH3gTbauIaL0v%2B5BJC0kB0Goh907NX5pp2%2BnNFz8r1wdXudfbcpOAyD6HBmvqy%2FpcZwhKI8fktgQ7oroFQbdiSpUftr3Ga2lCPlLL203v1kj%2BXdBWAw2FlzcKhxAcIL9PEZx0bwPutsS1iKLC%2FA93V0l4Qzp2Svuu5g3XaA1Lwsesbgq0yfE05tI4Bf8Whlk%2Fin5hnIsh29xgWp4TMjYPdK6sUxlKM8%2FLphGIdz6gXhzpktyNA21BI8FbWZWpzOVgtcfT4nWrR99oVOfqDGRW0zii00QIAalYQOpmAYCzbG6ODtoDUZ1V4T6jknjjNzq%2BfnJN%2FDHAe5en5R843j97CMTdBPkaDqXeCvODG0k%2B4E7mPRMVu8sESguslmX9CRUHINd6OeTlA4%2F5FT9lTcxTZkJ64D1V6QpCm7huutuFu2MUErwaZyyklFZeCz00h5RZmQezeiaHnV3elvqwm5nbUxeqiKL6hoZV4w2T8SrySzWzLPq7ujbl8lZSffdv1dSRVsEzpcS5s92meF059tuvWbQIvWsWPfZpGNYC1FMtXabh%2BF2IH%2FgXGL7v1R078cFZzxeYqfy1bt1VxI8BMFZdk6vLkKEc8fFcP2KZ8Kdlu9AjNlrP%2BqipCJGk5FM28KDYnodkD9TMjvX3NVLT8DfJnqMqd2yGoQabHUzQ6t%2B4oRsoTffL4cImR7h31%2B3cOZHJ%2F3vD%2F%2FfvkXKeGWEwob5ktKxNXYTpzEe5pv6j91g0cFL8wwPp%2F%2FwEn38ON
3.After log in, click sign in and should take you to the live video watch screen, but here it takes me back to the page to choose again the cable provider here is the link https://video.foxnews.com/v/5614615980001#sp=watch-live
After this, it is a close circuit, goes around and around and never can watch anything

Expected result:
Be able to log in and watch foxnews “watch live”

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Additional Information:
I am using a win 10 64 desktop computer
Thank you

This could have happend to me once aswell

Hi @paeslima, thanks for writing in! Can you try to fix by ‘allowing all cookies’ within the Orange Lion Shield icon in the URL bar?

Yes, I did that too, and still not able go thru

This is what is going on in screen pictures…
First, I click to watch tv

Then, choose my cable provider

Fill in the blanks with my account information and click sign in

After I click sign in, it takes me back to choose my cable provider and I can do this forever and no way to go to watch tv…

I hope this time, you can see the whole issue. Can you help? Thank you

Any updates??? I will appreciate it!

I can’t test live videos, but do clips work? like: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6113967935001#sp=show-clips

I’ve rolled out a fix, give it the next 24-48hrs.

Do I have to update the software ? or it is automatic?
Thank you!

It’ll be automatic, lists in Brave update 24-48hrs. So give it a few days to re-test

Well, I checked today ( just now) and the issue continue! it has not been fixed yet. Should I give more time?

Maybe since it can’t track you, it’s blocking you from accessing their services. I couldn’t login to google because it couldn’t track me so it gave me an oops page. If it were up to me, I would use google when I don’t mind being transparent like being at work and maintaining a level of professional behavior. At home, I would use brave to go on youtube but only watch videos without being tracked and I already know signing in won’t work so I bookmark my songs and videos I watch. But then again, I trust apple’s operating system and I don’t find them as creepy as google.

Any updates about this issue? should I use other browser to watch live then go back to you this browser? so we can say that it was resolved and Brave will not work with live videos like fox news?

Still investigating, sit tight.

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