Unable to view pdfs in browser


I used to be able to view pdfs in the browser, and as of a couple months ago I cannot. It is is getting frustrating and to the point I might have to switch browsers, but I would really prefer to not have to make the switch.

Computer info:

  • i. Windows 7
  • ii. Brace Version 0.22.13

Steps to cause issue:

  • i. Visit website to download pdfs for work
  • ii. Click pdf to open it in browser
  • iii. Brave automatically tries to save pdf to desktop
    -iv. Check if pdf extension is enabled - it is
    -v. Check support forums - no solutions found

PDF support in browser like in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Win10_OS)

Similar experience / same OS (W-7) as you. The problem occurs with the current version (v0.22.13), and it dates back to earlier Brave versions too. (And if you search this list, you’ll find comments describing similar problems with PDFs.)

Adding to the frustration, both for me and for anyone attempting to trouble-shoot this: it’s intermittent. Brave’s PDF viewer does display some PDF files but not all. And no, I can’t discern the characteristic(s) that determine whether a PDF file will or won’t display in Brave.

workaround: Yep, you can certainly use other browsers that reliably display PDF, but because I frequently download and save PDF files, I skip directly to that step. I’d recommend SumatraPDF


It’s small, fast, free, and importantly not a vector for malware.

But yes, it would be nice if Brave’s internal PDF viewer worked reliably.


I’ve had issues with it before as well. Some sites will let me open .pdf files in the browser, then others, like Sigma-Aldrich consistently download .pdf files instead.


Have you found a solution yet? I am having this problem on almost every site. Especially with Open Invoice where I have to sort through hundreds of invoice pdfs per week, it is very annoying to have to save each to the desktop to view.


Personally, I just run another browser for my .pdf searches or use a .pdf reader like Foxit or Sumatra.


Yes, this is still a problem. No it hasn’t been fixed. Yes, we’re still waiting…


I’m new to brave and are experiencing the same problems

I’m running
Brave: 0.23.31
PDF Viewer is activated


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