Unable to view full browsing history

Description of the issue:
I am only able to view approximately, if not exactly, 200 entries in the history section at a time. Once I reach this specific limit, whenever I visit a new page, the oldest entry is automatically removed to make space for a more recent one. The browsing data itself does not seem to be completely wiped as they continue to occasional show up as search suggestions, but I do not seem to be able to view them via the history tab. I am unsure to whether this an intentional feature or not, though it is quite an inconvenience regardless.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.21 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 12, iOS 14.2.1

I believe this is a byproduct of the browser engine and is the same for most browsers you encounter. I don’t think it’s specifically 200 entries, but rather the last 90 days of browsing history is retained. This behavior is the same in Chrome and other Chromium browsers as well as Firefox (I think Safari as well but I’ll have to check).

I chose 200 simply because it appeared to have approximately, if not exactly, 200 entries each of the few times I tried counting. As for 90 days part, I do not think this is the case, seeing how all 200 of the entries I counted were all the same day (today).

Looks like

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