Unable to view ads and earn BAT

I’m using brave on both my windows pc and android phone for a long time. On the pc there is this option of brave rewards which help you earn BAT. For quiet sometime I’m unable to earn even BAT as it asks me to verify the wallet which I can’t because I’m not yet 18 years old. Previously this was not an issue… Why now?

And this is only happening on the pc. I don’t want to earn cash out of it right now as for that I need to be at least 18 years old but can’t I even earn BAT?

You can earn BAT without verifying the wallet (connecting to Uphold). Verifying wallet is not a mandatory.

For unverified wallet, all BAT earned will be deposited to your browser wallet brave:rewards.

Exactly my point but I’m getting this option written “Disconnected” and therefore no ads can be seen. Please help!

That mean you’ve previously connecting an Uphold account. 🤷

Verifying wallet have no relation with/will not affect Brave Ads.

Try basic troubleshooting first FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

So till it’s not verified can’t I earn?

I’ll elaborate my problem.
I clicked on verify wallet once then I got to know that minimum age required is 18 years. So I left it. And since then I’m not receiving the ads.

:point_up::joy: In other word, with or without a verified wallet users can opt-in to Brave Ads and earn BAT.

The troubleshooting article I shared above is a starting point to make sure your settings is all OK.

You will not be able to verify your wallet with an Uphold account if you are not over 18 years old.

But till I’m not 18 I can earn BAT, no?

Anyway, I have re installed the brave browser now after sacrificing all the previously earned BAT and now that “disconnected” bar doesn’t appear but I’m not getting any ads as of now. Can you help with that?

Before reinstall, i think u can try tips support publisher creator dont sactifice your bat is abit wasted. :sweat_smile:

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