Unable to Verify Wallets

I am unable to verify my wallets on my new mobile and my new pc. I recently got a new phone and a new pc and am being told there are too many accounts linked to be able to verify any more. However, I am unable to curate which devices are linked to the account to get my new devices set up as my main ones…

Please help to resolve this issue…

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This is pushing me to Edge over Brave, I’ve lost interest in BAT because I can’t verify my wallet (Upgraded Computer to new OS).
Please prioritize this.

@steeven any update on this?

You can remove 1 device on Uphold using this. Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

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I was messing with some Linux builds. Now brave has locked me from adding any accounts. I can’t go into those old computers as the Operating systems no longer exist? I can handle 4 devices but there needs to be a way to manage these devices through Brave . Please help