Unable to verify wallet after abrupt disconnection

Hello Developers,
Hope everyones doing well. I am using brave browser for a year and I used gemini wallet for holding my BAT compensation of Ads and it was OK and all set until the latest update. My wallet suddenly disconnected with a caption “just for security purposes it might happen sometimes just verify again”. I am unable to verify again every time I try it says that, “Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.” As it quotes at this time I have been trying this for past two weeks please help me out this with issue as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Balakumaran welcome to Community :smiley:

Please be advised of the recent region restrictions when verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial partner -

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Thanks for the quick response. Please update this isssue as soon as possible really need this wallet so that I can keep a hold on my crypto assets

I think you are misunderstanding. Unsupported region notice is only for BAT. So you can’t link Brave to Uphold or Gemini unless you are in specific countries. You still have access to Uphold and Gemini if you go to their website, meaning you’ll be able to access your wallet and crypto assets there. The only thing that has changed is your BAT can’t be moved to there.

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Yes , My main source of investment apart from my income is BAT . So I need this BAT to be moved .Sorry for being subjective than descriptive ;).

Then you’re out of luck and lost a major source of investment. Rewards should never be counted as a primary source of income but instead as an extra. Brave is working on regaining availability in regions right now, but if you’re not in a place supported and able to link to Gemini or Uphold, then you have no way of converting BAT to cash.

Some will hopefully be able to start connecting within the next couple months, but it’s likely many will need to wait more than 6 months or even over a year.

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