Unable to verify Uphold - no error just forceclose

On Android i can’t verify my Uphold wallet. I contacted with Uphold and they didn’t see any problem with Uphold. After clicking Verify wallet there is log in site to Uphold. After that successful logging Brave takes me to the same starting site and button Verify wallet is in the same state as it was before. If i press it again brave just crashes. I can repeat it as many times as i can and nothing changes.
I tried same things with Brave Nightly on Android but i’m receving info about exceeding number of licenses/accounts. I get it but what about my normal Brave Browser (stable) where i don’t receive any errors?

What kind of info i need to provide so anyone from support can help me?

PS. I have around 50 BATS so there is no issue from not having enough BAT to be verified.

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