Unable to verify my Uphold wallet

I tried verifying my uphold wallet but I can’t seem to verify it. it always. Please help me.

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Hi and welcome. You need to provide the information requested in the template that displayed in the editor when you created your topic. Here is a link to the template that you can copy over: Brave Rewards/Ads Template This is basic information that helps either a community member (like me) or support staff troubleshoot your problem. It would also help if you could provide a screenshot.

Copied below information from User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x that may relate.

ISSUE: Cannot Verify with Uphold: Infinite Spinner/Processing Error
Possible Workaround (from Related Brave GitHub issue report #21057 ):

Disabling ads and reenabling fixes it but may remove the custodian linkage.

I think you can just close the rewards page and reopen another one and enable it. I don’t think a browser restart is required.

Brave GitHub Issue Report(s):
User cannot verify Rewards wallet (Uphold): infinite spinner and “processing” error modal #21719

Related issue report:
Intermittently Invalid Android Rewards Wallet #21057

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